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Exploring new methods to radiolabel small molecules and developing novel radioligands

We are always seeking academic and industrial collaborators interested in radiopharmaceutical research


Our group is part of a large, interdisciplinary molecular imaging team in London, Ontario, Canada. Located at the Lawson Health Research Institute's Cyclotron and Radiochemistry facility, our fully equipped lab permits ligand development, radiolabeling, and GMP production. Onsite cyclotron, small animal imaging, autoradiography, and clinical scanners (including Canada's first hybrid PET/MR) makes Lawson a one-stop shop for nuclear molecular imaging from bench to bedside. At present, our group's focuses on SPECT and PET probe development and translation for neurological applications. We are also keenly interested in improving accessibility to leading-edge imaging methods to rural and remote communities through simplified production or more readily available alternative to gold standards.


Lawson Health Research Institute

268 Grosvenor St

PO Box 5777 STN B

London, ON N6A 4V2, Canada

1-(519) 646-6100 ext 64613

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